Some Common Errors On Wet-Dry Shop Vacuums And How To Handle Them

The dust bag is considered one of the essential accessories that determine the hygienic effectiveness of a universal vacuum cleaner. So in the process of using the best wet-dry shop vac, some things that we need to do is to keep this component clean, durable. However, the actual use today shows that many users are not aware of the common errors in the use of wet-dry shop vacuums as well as how to clean and replace dust bags of free vacuum cleaners right karma.

So in the article below, we would like to share with you some information you need to know about the standard errors on the vacuum cleaner and how to clean and store dust filter accessories. Hopefully, so you can ensure the performance and durability of this component.

Some common errors in the wet-dry shop vacuum

  • If the suction power of the machine is less, you should check the lubrication of the shaft, the drive of the motor, and the abrasion of the electric brush because of inadequate lubrication or worn brush also reduces the suction. Besides, please check the dust bag to see if the container is full or torn because the bag is full of dust, the dust will fill the airways, reduce the suction power of the machine. Also, the suction, the brush entangled hair, pet hair, or shredded paper makes the machine’s suction less.
  • If the dust brush does not spin, check if it has a lot of wool or threads on it; if so, remove them. If the brush still does not rotate, it could be because the belt is loose or broken and needs a replacement. You can change the belt for a vacuum cleaner or bring it to a worker if you do not trust your skills.
  • When the vacuum cleaner does not work, the machine is likely running at overcapacity, or it has vacuumed with sharp objects that cause the engine to fail or fire. You should unplug, remove the hard objects stuck in the machine and wait at least 30 minutes for an overheating protection device to cool the computer and then restart. If the computer still does not run, it means the engine is broken.
  • If the motor rotates, but the device does not vacuum, there is a possibility that foreign matter will obstruct the airflow of the invention. You should check the straws, dust bags to make sure they are not clogged or too full. The cause of the design not vacuuming may be due to inadequate lubrication of the shaft, worn brushes.

How to clean, replace the dust filter bags of industrial vacuum cleaners

  • Filter bag characteristics of industrial wet-dry shop vacuums

Most of the factory’s vacuum cleaners on the market today use dust filters because it gives excellent dust filtration efficiency but is convenient and saves the most production costs. Hence, the price is lower than that. Filter type of machine. Dust filter bag accessories are composed of a frame made of sturdy and durable ABS plastic, the outer shell made of thick, water-repellent synthetic fiber material. Primarily, it also provides superior dust filtration performance, including tiny dust particles.

Dust filter bag has the function of preventing dust in the container from spreading back to the machine head, limiting dust sticking to the motor, causing heat, motor burn. Besides, this wet-dry shop vacuum is also capable of preventing dust from spreading back to the outside environment, limiting pollution or the risk of adversely affecting the health of people in the sanitary area. Thanks to the dust filter bag, the large-capacity vacuum cleaner can operate smoothly, stably, for high performance and durability over time.

  • How to clean, replace the dust filter bags of industrial vacuum cleaners

How to clean: After a period of use, dust filter bags can be adhered to a lot of dirt, clogging, stagnant, reducing the cleaning efficiency of the machine. Therefore, you need to clean the dust bag according to the following instructions:

Step 1: Open the latch and remove the top of the wet-dry shop vac to transfer water to take out the dust bag.

Step 2: Wash the dust bag gently with neutral soapy water or gentle detergent. In particular, you should not soak the dust filter bag in soapy water because this vacuum cleaner accessory may rot if the cloth soaked for too long.

Step 3: Pat the bag of dust to drain and dry in the shade to avoid the bag being brittle, quickly broken when exposed to direct sunlight.

Step 4: When the dust filter bag is completely dry, you need to reinstall it to finish cleaning this accessory.

How to replace: usually after about three months of use or when the dust filter is a broken frame, tearing the outer layer of cloth, you should replace it with a new filter bag so that industrial wet-dry shop vacuums can work stably as before. When choosing to buy a dust filter; instead, you need to select a product the size equivalent to the dust container capacity of the machine.

In conclusion

Above, I have introduced you to some common errors on wet-dry shop vacuums and how to handle and store them. Hopefully, the information I have shared above has helped you know how to use, clean, and replace the dust filter bags of industrial vacuum cleaners by the instructions.